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What are portable chargers?

You can buy a portable charger for a single device like smartphone or tablet or you can buy one that can charge multiple devices. These chargers need to have a high capacity which is measured in mAh. There are varieties of portable chargers like charging docks, power banks, power stations, travel chargers and so on. You need to verify the capacity and compatibility of devices before you buy a charger.

Generally, battery chargers are used to refill the energy into rechargeable battery of electronic devices. Battery is used widely in many electronic devices these days such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. These all device contains rechargeable batteries. If you are going to buy a tablet then along with tablet you will get a portable charger for tablets.

Different batteries require different amount of charging. It depends on rating and type of the battery. Some device can hold the current even after full charge is done while some devices cut the current when the charger is fully charged. Some chargers take one hour while others take several hours.

We import from china various types of portable chargers. No warranty is given when china charger is used. It can last for few months or only few days. But, you can be rest assured because the chargers offered by us are high quality ones only.